Delivering awesome creative for over 30 years.

Wait... what? Yep, for over 30 years, danno has helped great companies design and create their vision into highly effective and revenue-creating results. We focus on startups. small businesses and corporations.  We also partner with other creative and digital agencies to help deliver results for their clients.





It all started in Silicon Valley doing freelance design gigs for tech companies

Designer within Adobe corporate design group when Photoshop 1.0 launched


Designer within Apple corporate design group - worked on various product lines including the original Mac Portable

Designer within Cisco corporate design group

Senior Designer on all Microsoft exhibit and trade show booth design

Senior Designer within Nike
corporate design group

Senior Designer on the original FedEx.com website

Creative Director for SGI - partnered with Think New Ideas NY


Creative Director on several direct client projects for various tech startups

Creative Director for XS Energy Drink - launch generated $52M in revenue within first year

Created several apparel and gear designs for various team drivers

Creative Director/CMO for Aquahydrate - purchased by Mark Wahlberg & Sean Combs in 2013

Worked with several startups developing entire brand, story, design and UI design


Creative Director on several direct client projects for various startups

Creative Director/CEO for Creative Gig - online marketplace for creative freelancers and their clients


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